Still Falling in Pieces

you left me, then everything changes. . .

We met in a very beautiful day;

You were so attractive, that’s all my eyes could see.

I never thought you’ll approached me,

And, you touched my heart who’s always been lonely.


Everyday was a special day with you

Laughter, tears, enjoyment and pleasures we’ve been through.

You made me laugh when I am sad,

That’s one of a reason  I fell in love.


You had been a part of me,

I never knew if you had see.

That despite the rules we had put through

I violated all for loving you.


It was a “no strings attached” relationship

A physical benefit between our Friendship

It should be a secret we should keep

Until one day, we drugged it deep.


I know, I know I have to withdraw

This feeling I feel only for you.

It’s hard to control yet wrong to pursue.

When all of these days in my heart was you.


Yuo are never mine since from the start

And I never forget we need to be apart

It’s hard for myself for it bleed my heart

That now and forever, you will gone far


You never had the idea of feeling at ease

For me to give up and take all the risk

You left cause you are never intended for my peace

And all I have now, is a heart broken in pieces.



Dear john

"Dont you think i was too young to be played by your dark twisted games?"

Do you remember that day?

When we both spend our life with sway.

Then,  suddenly you left away

With tears in my eyes I have nothing to say.

Everyday I always thought

That I am the love you’ll always fought.

You never gave me a reason to cry;

And now,  my tears have all ran dry.

Valentines Day for Singles

when you are single doesn't mean you are alone...

February 14, the day of hearts and where cupid is so busy pointing his arrows at people destined for each other. Valentines Day is a day where people waited so much to show their love and affection to someone they really love. it is not a legalize holiday, yet, almost everyone waited for this event as if it was a double pay-day; where in the fact it is a double expense day. people are so busy at this moment of time. buying of gifts and presents for their love ones, proposals, surprises, and other sweet thoughts and messages to every person close to their hearts. If you are in love, you’ll experience this. but, what really this day mean to those people who are alone in life or specifically they call “single”?

A day where love is everywhere. when you are single, it doesn’t mean that you will never celebrate this day at all. take a break! and celebrate yourself! whether you do it alone or with your group of friends. and with your family.


We are not what they call lovers, we are not committed like that.

We are not what they call friends, we are more than that.

We may not be lovers nor friends but we believe we are special.

It’s our heart that give us the meaning of what we feel,

it’s what they call MUTUAL.

“Coping up with heartbreak”

moving on

"move on..."

When everything seemed so wrong in a relationship, most of the time it ended breaking up the bond between you and your lover. Breaking up is a short process but moving on is a long term process. Most of the time, break ups compose of tears and loneliness. Sometimes you can do nothing but to stare up the ceiling and mesmerize the moments you had been through together for a long time, then cry a river.

Broken heart causes depression and frustrations. Some intended their time drinking unlimited in a bar, some imprison themselves in the room and spend more time in crying, and some committed suicide. Instead of this negative solutions, why not stand up and move forward? Liquors can’t help you ease the pain for a long time, though in a moment but at the end of the day you will find yourself crying again for the same reason. Crying is one outlet of expressing the emotions we have inside, but crying for your whole life is an exaggeration. Committing suicide? That’s the craziest thing to do. Though, heartbreak can make crazy sometimes but you need to think twice of the things you intend to do before doing it. Taking your own life won’t ease the pain, instead it will cause you more trouble.

Think about this tips in moving forward:

1. Fix yourself.
Stand up. Face the mirror. Check if you are really that devastated. Take a deep breath thrice. And, tell yourself “I AM MOVING ON”. Then, smile.

2. Forget the Bond.
It is not necessary for you erase his/her number, block his facebook account of delete any contact between the two of you. Just avoid sending him/her unimportant messages and avoid visiting his/her facebook account so that you cannot discover more updates that may case you more pain.

3. Change a bit of your lifestyle.
If your lifestyle is boring, make it more lively. Spend time through enjoyment, have fun, go out. Explore and Enjoy!

4.Find a new date.
It is better to face the world and meet new faces. Dating someone is one better way in forgetting your ex. For some reason, that sometimes you can find the things you want that you haven’t found with hm. Enjoyment, fun, excitement and maybe another LOVE.

5. Minimize listening on sad mellow music.
Most of the time mellow songs make our heart o crazy. And whenever the heart is in pain every song we hear will always have a different meaning for it. Minimizing in listening sad music can improve our self esteem and confident to move on.

6. Talk and Express.
Expressing your emotions to someone who you can trust is another way of taking the pain away. Talk to a friend or to a family. Express yourself. Cry if needed. And listen to them.

Every end is a new beginning and it will be up to you if how you handle the situation you are now. this words are just suggestions but it will be all yours to decide if you are going to do this or let yourself be haunted by your past.


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