Still Falling in Pieces

you left me, then everything changes. . .

We met in a very beautiful day;

You were so attractive, that’s all my eyes could see.

I never thought you’ll approached me,

And, you touched my heart who’s always been lonely.


Everyday was a special day with you

Laughter, tears, enjoyment and pleasures we’ve been through.

You made me laugh when I am sad,

That’s one of a reason  I fell in love.


You had been a part of me,

I never knew if you had see.

That despite the rules we had put through

I violated all for loving you.


It was a “no strings attached” relationship

A physical benefit between our Friendship

It should be a secret we should keep

Until one day, we drugged it deep.


I know, I know I have to withdraw

This feeling I feel only for you.

It’s hard to control yet wrong to pursue.

When all of these days in my heart was you.


Yuo are never mine since from the start

And I never forget we need to be apart

It’s hard for myself for it bleed my heart

That now and forever, you will gone far


You never had the idea of feeling at ease

For me to give up and take all the risk

You left cause you are never intended for my peace

And all I have now, is a heart broken in pieces.



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