Valentines Day for Singles

when you are single doesn't mean you are alone...

February 14, the day of hearts and where cupid is so busy pointing his arrows at people destined for each other. Valentines Day is a day where people waited so much to show their love and affection to someone they really love. it is not a legalize holiday, yet, almost everyone waited for this event as if it was a double pay-day; where in the fact it is a double expense day. people are so busy at this moment of time. buying of gifts and presents for their love ones, proposals, surprises, and other sweet thoughts and messages to every person close to their hearts. If you are in love, you’ll experience this. but, what really this day mean to those people who are alone in life or specifically they call “single”?

A day where love is everywhere. when you are single, it doesn’t mean that you will never celebrate this day at all. take a break! and celebrate yourself! whether you do it alone or with your group of friends. and with your family.


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